About AIR

Free Independent Music Scene Radio

There has never been a time when we as artists have been more free to make the music we want. Never before has there been a better time for you as a listener to discover more independent artists at their best. That is why you are listening now. Artists have never been more accessible and more true to their core. More harmonious. More free. More spirited. More real. Never before have music artists been more of an example of the culture in which we live.

We are an independent music discovery site that might be better understood as a radio. If this sounds in any way intriguing, launch the radio. Not only will you love the first 5 songs you hear, but we bet that you won't have ever heard of the bands either. Point is, you are on your way to musical discovery. These are the real bands. The bands that stay up way too late and play in venues all over Austin, Texas. They are the bands you want to know and share with your friends all over the world but can never remember who they are the next day. Today is that day. You are ready to become part of the independent music culture that is ListentoAIR.com... And for all of you with wrinkled brows and that look of confusion, we are Austin Independent Radio.

Be independent and thank you for listening to AIR.